Design is a something that goes into everything we do.

    It’s not about the font or the color, it’s about the utility and the functionality. It’s a bit of a lie to call it a “design phase”, in our eyes we employ design thinking from the start of an app to the finish.

  • Job Platform

    We help bring both Mobile job seekers and Mobile employers on to one platform.

    It's one of the fastest growing hiring requests on mobilejobing, has the attention of every tech-hungry consumer in the country.

  • Mobile QA

    Intellide provides an end-to-end platform for planning, testing, and monitoring of mobile apps to ensure the quality, performance and uptime of your products and services as you extend your business to the mobile channel. We provide testing, monitoring and measurement products and services for a variety of enterprises such as online portals, e-commerce sites, B2B sites, mobile operators and mobile infrastructure providers.

  • Products

    Health IT Services.

    OutSourcing Services.

    vistual Assistance Services.

    Live Chat Services.

    Sotware Development.

    MobileJobing Management.


    We start with the great story. The story shapes the application. If we understand the story it makes it easier to design.

    The overall process goes through several phases from storyboards and concept sketches through wireframes and technical schematics. As the application takes shape we work to define a look and feel that’s right for your brand.

  • Services

    Intellide Inc is an IT Consulting & Services company that provides software development services for various platforms.